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CDN and Mudfish

Sometimes some users of mudfish report a problem regarding to their mudfish credits because they encounter a huge reduction of mudfish credits within several hours even if they are not using Full VPN mode.

When I checked and analyzed this issue deepyly, most of these cases are related with CDN (Content Delivery Network) because some mudfish game items include a host (domain based) information.

Linking with CDN

A reason why mudfish item includes a host (domain based) information is clear that it's to bypass the regional restriction policy of the game server. As you might know, most of game publishers use or depend on CDN (Content Delivery Network) to serve their download or patch files or steaming to the end users, sometimes it's required to be a mandatory to access the game server because the game publisher doens't want to let users access their contents if they're from other countries not allowed. So if there's a blocking policy based on GetIP at CDN level, the mudfish user can't not access the game without bypassing CDN.

The problem is that in some cases, connections to CDN could be redirected by Mudfish and consumes the mudfish credit.

Known problems

Due to above reason, sometimes mudfish credits could be consumed if you tried to download or do streaming while Mudfish is running even if you're not using Full VPN mode.

And without luck some, normal HTTP requests (no relations to the game) could go through mudfish nodes because the DNS server of CDN company responses with the same IP of cache servers.

Known items

The following game items have an issue:

How to avoid

  1. Because the mudfish works based on the OS's routing table rather than hooking OS's internal APIs, this issue could happen. If your game is working fine with Proxifier, I think you can check Mudfish with Proxifier.

  2. Or please turn off Mudfish while you're downloading the game file or patching the game update.
  3. Or please terminate other programs which makes massive network traffics such as web browser or bittorrent clients.
  4. Or you can change your data plan from PPT (Pay-Per-Traffic) to Subscription to use Mudfish at the fixed price.

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