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Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

How to equip

  • At dashboard, click "Item -> Equip Items" menu.

  • Find a "Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn" item and equip.

How to configure the item

To change the configuration of the game item, please click the active game item at Dashboard.

  • At "Server Location", please set the game server location you're accessing. This information is used to calculate the shortest / recommended nodes.
  • At "Nodes", you can use "Auto Selection" mode or specify a mudfish node you'd like to use.


To play Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn with mudfish, these are useful tips here.

  • Sometimes this game item causes CDN and Mudfish issue and affects your browser's traffic. If you want to avoid this issue, please try to use WFP Item mode. This mode is available after Mudfish Cloud VPN v5.4.2.

  • Specify mudfish node you'd like to use rather than "Auto Selection" for picking a node. Please check FAQ - Nodes link to know how to pick a better node.

  • A tip by Layer0
    Just wanted to give the tidbit to anyone seeking answers (if these messages can be seen by others) if you first login to FFXIV on PS4 using your normal internet, shared or otherwise and then share the mudfish (tap driver) once you're on the Stormblood title screen you can actually get mudfish to work with the game without full vpn mode which is great as it means only FFXIV will go through mudfish. As long as you don't fully close down the game you can easily get right back into the it with (hopefully) much better performance provided you've shared the mudfish adapter again.

For ACT users

When you're using ACT parser to parse damage numbers, the numbers turn out all wrong and inflated if you're using Mudfish with FastConnect mode enabled. An easy fix to this would be to tick the option Plugins -> FFXIV Settings -> Disable Parsing from Network Data (Note: this means you won't be able to upload parses to FFLOGS.COM).

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