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Amazon EC2, Twitch and Mudfish

Sometimes some users of mudfish report a problem regarding to mudfish traffics graph while watching Twitch because it consumes mudfish credit even if they are not using Full VPN mode.

When I checked and analyzed this issue deepyly, most of these cases are related with AWS (Amazon Web Services) because Twitch is owned by Amazon and operating on Amazon network.

Linking with Twitch

Some popular games are running on Amazone EC2 cloud to publish their games. So in a view of Mudfish, it's almost impossible to distinguish whether these traffics go to Twitch and the game server running on Amazon EC2 because Mudfish is implemented based on the routing table of OS.

Known problems

Due to above reason, sometimes mudfish credits could be consumed if you tried to watch Twitch while Mudfish is running even if you're not using Full VPN mode.

Known items

The following game items have an issue:

How to avoid

  1. You can consider set your Data Plan up to Subscription.

  2. Because the mudfish works based on the OS's routing table rather than hooking OS's internal APIs, this issue could happen. If your game is working fine with Proxifier, I think you can check Mudfish with Proxifier.

  3. Or please stop to watch Twitch while you're playing the game with Mudfish.

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