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This page explains some useful tips to set up the game properly for Mudfish.

How to equip

  • At dashboard, click "Item -> Equip Items" menu.

  • Find a "Aion" item and equip.

How to configure the item

To change the configuration of the game item, please click the active game item at Dashboard.

  • At "Server Location", please set the game server location you're accessing. This information is used to calculate the shortest / recommended nodes.
  • At "Nodes", you can use "Auto Selection" mode or specify a mudfish node you'd like to use.

Known Issues

In-game ping issue for NA

There's a known issue of Aion that its in-game ping isn't accurate at all. To see your real ping to the game server, you should use tcping.exe tool against to IP and TCP port 7777. "" is a known game server locates Texas, US Central.


  • Try to use FastConnect mode if it works to get smooth movements. If the ping value from the game client isn't matched with the value of Mudfish Realtime RTT graph, this feature fixes it.

  • Specify mudfish node you'd like to use rather than "Auto Selection" for picking a node. Please check FAQ - Nodes link to know how to pick a better node.

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