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Use HTTP connection for UI

In some environment, the internet browser shows HTTP 500 error when you run Mudfish Launcher to access the dashboard of mudifsh. For this case, if you’re using v4.3.13 or above for Windows, you can try to use -S option for Mudfish Launcher letting it to use HTTP connection rather than HTTPS (Secure) to get mudfish UI. To set it,

  1. Moves “Mudfish Cloud VPN” menu from Start button.
  2. Opens the property window of “Mudfish Launcher” icon.
  3. Modify the command which found at “Target(T)” box that as default, the following value is set:

    • "C:\Program Files\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe"

  4. Changes the command with -I option. For example, looks like below:

    • "C:\Program Files\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe" -S

  5. Run Mudfish Launcher.


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