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Policy change for Data Plan - 20210607

Information about rate plan change

This is a guide on changing the plan of the "Mudifsh Cloud VPN" service operated by Mudfish Networks. This rate plan will be applied collectively from June 28, 2021 KST.


  • Subscription plan policy is subject to change.

Subscription Plan Changes

  • In the case of the existing flat rate plan, the price was specified for each item, and the credit was deducted for each item. Effective July 1, 2021, the flat rate plan will no longer be priced per item and will be replaced with a flat rate pass.
  • Basic 1 month of subscription subscription.
  • The price of existing items will be adjusted from 990 won (KRW) to 10 won (KRW).
  • When you select a subscription in the Data Plan menu, a new subscription voucher purchase menu will appear.

  • For existing subscription users, item refunds will be applied collectively. For example, if "n" items are equipped, differential credits will be given according to the number of days remaining.

Subscription Plan Types


The speed cap

990 KRW (0.89 USD)

4 Mbps burst / 1 Mbps

1,980 KRW (1.78 USD)

8 Mbps burst / 2 Mbps

3,960 KRW (3.56 USD)

16 Mbps burst / 4 Mbps

7,920 KRW (7.12 USD)

32 Mbps burst / 8 Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the PPT (Pay-Per-Traffic) rate plan changing?

No change at all.

So will the price go up?

It's not like that. Rather, it is cheaper for subscription users who use multiple items.

When will the plan change?

It will be changed in bulk from June 28, 2021 KST.

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