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Mudfish for ipTIME router

All features of Mudfish are now available (exactly speaking since 1/3/2018) at ipTIME routers manufactured by EFM Networks. It's officially supported by Mudfish as the game router.

Supported models

The following models are officially supported by Mudfish at this moment and I'll update whenever new models are available. Please check whether it's available at your country.

  • ipTIME A3004
  • ipTIME A3004NS
  • ipTIME A3004NS-BCM
  • ipTIME A3004NS-M
  • ipTIME A5004NS
  • ipTIME A6004NS
  • ipTIME A6004NS-M
  • ipTIME A6NS-M
  • ipTIME A7NS
  • ipTIME A8004NS-M
  • ipTIME A8NS-M


I bought one of the supported models but can't find Mudfish

Please upgrade your firmware. At least the release date should be later than 1/3/2018.

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