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Sometimes the game publisher could block the public IP of mudfish nodes. If then please try to use Full VPN mode with other mudfish nodes.

How to equip

  • At dashboard, click "Item -> Equip Items" menu.

  • Find a "LOST ARK" item and equip.

How to configure the item

To change the configuration of the game item, please click the active game item at Dashboard.

  • At "Server Location", please set the game server location you're accessing. This information is used to calculate the shortest / recommended nodes.
  • At "Nodes", you can use "Auto Selection" mode or specify a mudfish node you'd like to use.



To play LOST ARK with mudfish, these are useful tips here.

  • Specify mudfish node you'd like to use rather than "Auto Selection" for picking a node. Please check FAQ - Nodes link to know how to pick a better node.

  • Use FastConnect mode. Your spell speed will be boosted.

  • For connection protocol of Mudfish, if UDP protocol is working fine for your enviornment you don't need to use TCP protocol as connection protocol at all.


Using Full VPN mode

Please try to first test with Full VPN mode.

Clearing hosts file

Please try to clear (not delete!) the content of C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file content if you encounter this xigncode issue.

Using Mudfish DNS Client

If 'Clearing hosts file' doesn't work for your case, please try to use Mudfish DNS Client found at here.

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