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Error Reference Codes


CreateProcess failed with error %d: %s

Are you using the latest Mudfish package? The reason of this error is that mudfish couldn't find the default browser path of your OS or a path of cmd.exe. Please try with following examples:

  • Try to install 'Chrome' or 'Firefox' on your system and run. If they ask about setting the default browser, select 'Yes'.
  • Or scan your system with anti virus.
  • If both solutions aren't working, just open your browser then connects to

  • See Mudfish Launcher isn't working


The client isn’t ready yet

This warning message indicates that the DHCP client of your OS wasn't sending IP request with DHCP protocol. Normally this could happen if the firewall of OS blocks DHCP request to TAP-Win32 adapter v9 network device.


The client doesn’t response with DHCP protocol

This error comes out after some times if your OS doesn't send IP request with DHCP protocol to TAP-Win32 adapter v9. So with this error, Mudfish would not work properly because there is no assigned IP address for internal purpose.

  • If you're enabled the windows firewall feature or using anti-virus programs, please retry after disabling that features temporarilly.
  • Try with enabling or disabling TAP-Win32 adapter v9 device itself at Control Panel.
  • Please mark sure that your TAP-Win32 adapter v9 device is DHCP enabled.


no entry for SID

This issue could happen

  1. If a negative credit or no credit in your current account.
  2. If your equipped item is configured with invaild / dead relay server.
  3. If the relay server has internally ACL (Access Control List) and restrict your access.
  4. If the relay server information doesn't be served by master server because of temporarily matter or permanently shutdown of the service.


Path MTU is wrong.

In my personal opinion, if it doesn't affect your game connection, it doesn't require to be fixed. However if it affects, it could be little complicated:

To address this issue, you can check the following items:

  • Check your default MTU set on your network device driver. For example, if you tried or used a fast-pick kind of utilities before, these sometimes changed your MTU value forcibly without notificiation. With visiting the advanced option of each network drivier, you can check it.
  • Or tried to change the MTU value of TAP-Win32 adapter with smaller value. Its default value is 1500 (bytes). However it can try with small value (e.g. 1450, 1400, 1300 or a value you'd like to try).


SID x isn't alive

This message means that one of mudfish nodes whose SID is x and used by your configuration is down! So you need to check your Full VPN mode configuration if you enabled it because it's currently pointing dead node so your traffic could detour another nodes.


Too many heartbeat errors. Please check your firewalls.

This message points that your connections used for data path with mudfish nodes are continually encountering the delivery failure. Depending on your network environment, your connection is blocked by ISP or country (e.g. Great Firewall of China). Please check Firewall Issues link and try with different protocol or mac address.

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