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Connecting Mudfish in China

As of December 23, 2019, Mudfish program does not work properly in China because GWF blocks public IPs and domains of Mudfish. This article will explain how to bypass this issue. You will need to check the following requirements.

Step 1: Bypass DNS poisoning

If you downloaded the Mudfish v5 version from, you'll need to bypass DNS poisoning first. This is because the Great Wall Firewall blocked domains such as and

  • Install Mudfish DNS Client and change your computer's DNS address or use another DNS poisoning bypass method.

Currently, due to GWF block it returns a wrong IP when it resolves the mudfish domains in China. Normally mudfish IP addresses start with 14.64.X.Y.

C: \ Users \ mudfish> nslookup

C: \ Users \ mudfish> ping
Ping [] uses 32 byte data:
Control-c is Facebook's IP, which means that GWF sends an incorrect IP in DNS response, and that IP is also blocked in GWF.

Step 2: Using Mudfish v5.2.0 or Later

First check the "Checklist" below to make sure your loach is ready to run.

Check Points

Make sure the following items are set correctly.

  • Have you checked whether the SMHNR feature is properly turned off?
  • Did you flush the DNS cache?

Running Mudfish

Please try running Mudfish v5.2.0 or higher. At this version, there's some codes to bypass this issue. Most important option is -X option and please try to follow the below steps:

  1. Install Mudfish v5.2.0 or higher at link.

  2. When you check Mudfish Master Server document, you can see how to add -O option for the property of Mudfish Launcher. Just like that you can specify -X <proxy_ip>:<proxy_port> option. For example you can specify it as follows:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mudfish Cloud VPN\mudrun.exe" -X

    • IP is the public IP of mudfish "HU Europe (Budapest - ATW) - PBE" node. Port 18080 is the port of HTTP Proxy.
    • If is blocked by your firewall, you can use any public IP of mudfish nodes which found at link.

Known Issues

I'm getting MUDEC_00016 or MUDEC_00320 errors.

In that case, please try again after exiting the program completely.

' 'Give up to wait the snode backed for SID XXX error keeps coming up.

The error seems to simply be ignored for now. The issue will be resolved in the next version.

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