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    * At here, place     * At here, place If you want to use other methods, please check [[https://docs.mudfish.net/en/docs/mudfish-launcher/item/#create-custom-item|Create Custom Item]] document.
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Arma 3

As you know, Arma 3 isn't officially supported by Mudfish because its game server normally operated by person or group not by game publisher like Battlefield and others. To use Arma 3 with mudfish, there are multiple ways to use as follows:

Method 1: create your own custom item.

The following is one of examples you can try with creating custom item.

  1. Checks your Arma 3 server IP. For example, by visiting https://www.gametracker.com/search/arma3/ I picked game server.

  2. After running Mudfish Launcher, you need to enable Expert Mode.

  3. Move to 'Dashboard -> Item -> Manage Items' menu. At there you can find '+ (Plus) button.

  4. Puts the following information
    • Item name
    • (Optional) Item icon
    • Routing Path
      • At here, place If you want to use other methods, please check Create Custom Item document.

    • (Optional) RTT Check - if you're not familiar with RTT check, skip it.
  5. When it's done to create, Mudfish starts auto configuration.

Method 2: use Profixier

If you're familiar to use Profixier-like programes, you can refer to Mudfish with Proxifier link.

Method 3: Full VPN mode

Another way is using with Full VPN mode. It redirects all traffics on your desktop to specific mudfish node but you should be aware that sometimes by mistakes you can consume too many traffics.

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